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Learning myself Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Thinking about learning Thai as well

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One of the reasons why i love Kim jonghyun . He’s very supportive ..
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got7 member intros @ powertime radio
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mark, bambam, jackson raps @ starry night radio
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방학 = vacation
휴가중이다 = to be on vacation
휴가 = break, vacation
국경일 = national holiday
쉬다 = to relax, rest
마음을 놓다 = to set one’s heart/mind at ease, loosen up, take it easy
여행 = travel
여행하다 = to travel
정신을 맑히다 = to refresh one’s mind, clear one’s mind
사진: 창덕궁, 서울 (Changdeokgung, Seoul)

Now I only need to learn how to read Hangul xD
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Can Mark slide into my dm’s like this pls